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This section comprises of our three main product range namely power tillers, power weeders and power reapers. All of these are self-propelled machines which gets power through an engine installed on it. A brief on each of the above categories are as given below:

Power Tiller - Power tiller also known as a rotary tiller or walking tractor is a two wheel tractor with a rotavator powered by a diesel engine which generally ranges from 8HP to 18HP. It can be of both seating and walk-behind type and are mainly used by small and marginal farmers. It is capable of performing operations right from primary tillage to transportation of crops which may include ploughing, cultivation (both wet and dry land), ridging, seed-cum-fertilizer application, pumping water, spraying, harvesting, threshing and lastly the transport operation.

Power Weeder Power weeders are compact and light-weight machines which are powered either by petrol or diesel engines ranging anything between 1HP to 8HP. The main purpose of this machine is to inter-cultivate or de-weed between rows of different agriculture, horticulture and plantation produce such as paddy, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, etc. These machines are gaining quick popularity amongst farmers as an alternate to using weedicides. Due to its light weight these machines are very useful for any kind of step-land cultivation in hilly areas.

Power Reaper Power reaper is used for harvesting (cutting) of agriculture crops like Paddy, Wheat, Barley, etc. where the crop is conveyed vertically to one end and heaped one over another for manual collection of the same. With the increasing cost of labour, the said machine has been widely accepted by the farmer community due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of operation. The said machines are available with both petrol and diesel engines ranging from 2.5HP to 5HP.