Zero seed cum fertilizer drill


Zero seed cum fertiliser drill (Direct seeding without any mechanicl disturbance of soil) ensures early sowing of Wheat & reduce weed infection: Particularly Phalaris minor in wheat.This technology ensures atleast 30% crop reduce incoporation in soil , which results in increased organic matter content in soil, improved retention and transmisssion characteristic of soil & improves soil aggregation and structure .Zero Tillage technology is also affected in soil , water  conservtion and increases water- use- efficiency of the crop.It maintains desirable high and economic level of productivity cuts short the need for chemical amendments and pesticides , preserves ecological stability and minimises the pollution of natural water and environment.Zero seed cum fertilizer drill technology reduce input cost by reducing fuel consumtion and increase the net profit of farmer.

One Deluxe model is also available.


Reliable Quality : Save Fuel & Time
Good germination
Proper distribution of seeds & fertilisers
Improved soil health
Environment friendly
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